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Sneaky Hollow Bait Company uses its unique bait creation process to make several different flavors of lures that are irresistable to fish— make sure to try them all!

Baby Poo - Soft Plastic Fishing Baits

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Sneaky Hollow Bait Company's Story

Sneaky Hollow Bait Company is a small business that makes baits that are meant to smell and taste like real things in a fish's environment. I use a special process designed in a way that when a bass bites, it doesn’t taste plastic. It tastes and smells like real fish because there are actually real fish parts, crawfish and shellfish parts, fish oils and salt infused in the plastic. This special process gives every bait its own unique scent and flavor when a fish bites in. Soft plastic baits all have a slight plastic smell, even the stinkiest, but, my theory has been if they bite the bait, I don’t want the fish to taste the plastic.

Every bait is hand made and inspected before it gets bagged. Handmade baits by nature aren’t all exact duplicates, and my baits imitate that philosophy. Each bait has its own personality and character because of the labor intensive process it goes through before a bass bites it on the end of your line.

Sneaky Hollow Bait Company is a small company I created because I was tired of the changing quality of baits I had been using. Many of the baits I previously used are now made in foreign countries and the quality, color, texture and everything else just seemed different— different in a way that I did not like. So I started reading up on the process and researching in anyway I could find information. I eventually went out in my garage and started making my own baits in a way that I felt would catch more fish. Eventually, they started working better and better.

Over the last two years I have found ways to make enough that I can sell a few. I do not produce mass quantities because each bait is hand made and inspected by me. Due to this fact it does sometimes take a little longer for special orders. Some retailers carry all colors of every bait, so make sure to give them a call to “hook” you up with an original bait that really works.

Casey Magargle, Owner and Avid Fisherman